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27 Aug 2020

Checking them once, then checking them again

Auditing every trams’ deep clean to keep passengers safe
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29 Jul 2020

Every tram. Every night.

Every night, our entire fleet undergoes deep cleans to help keep passengers safe during the coronavirus pandemic.
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08 Jul 2020

Pravini's happy face keeps Melbourne moving

Pravini is one of almost 300 contractors who are cleaning stops, depots and light vehicles to keep employees and the public safe.
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02 Jul 2020

Hanging out on Route 3

A flying fox hitched a ride on a Route 3 tram last week, and became quite the celebrity.
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17 Jun 2020

Extra stop cleaning helping keep passengers safe

Thanks to the Working for Victoria fund, Yarra Trams has been able to employ over 300 contractors to perform cleaning at tram stops across the network.
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31 May 2020

Chris celebrates his 50 year tramiversary

After 50 years, Chris Drossos is still as enthusiastic as day one to work at Yarra Trams
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