Filming & photography

Our trams are a quintessential part of Melbourne’s landscape.  They’re also a major mode of public transport, so their primary role is to get locals and visitors to where they need to go.  Here’s what you need to know if you’re considering capturing our iconic trams on film.

Do I need permission to shoot?

  • You don’t need our permission to film or photograph passing trams from a public location. However, you may need to obtain permission from third parties that control the location you’ll be shooting from.
  • You do need our permission to film or photograph at a tram stop, or onboard a tram.
  • News outlets and journalists seeking permission to film on the network should make enquiries here.

See our Filming & Photography Guidelines for more information, which also includes the application form to obtain permission where required.

How do I charter a tram for a shoot?

Melbourne’s iconic trams can be chartered for a variety of private and commercial uses. However, special permission is required so you’ll need to apply well in advance of your preferred dates. 

See our Tram Charter Guidelines and application form for more information.

I'd like to run an activation on the network.  What do I need to do?

You may be considering a tram or tram stop for your next activation.  You do need our permission to have an activation at a tram stop or onboard a tram, on top of any requirement for filming or photography.

You can contact us here if you need any further information.