Checking them once, then checking them again

27 Aug 2020

Every night. That’s how often our fleet are deep cleaned to help keep those who must travel right now safe.

But what many might not know is the process of approving trams for service doesn’t stop there.

After each deep clean, our cleaning providers do a thorough inspection of the tram to ensure everything is up to scratch. This is completed straight after the deep clean has been finished.

Then, before a tram can enter service for the day – Yarra Trams crews jump on board to do one more thorough check.

The teams are meticulous about checking every aspect of the deep clean. This includes:
- All high touch areas such as buttons and handles are properly wiped down
- Floors have been mopped, and seats cleaned
- There are no signs of dust, grime or stains, and any unauthorised graffiti has been removed

On top of all this, they also inspect the clean within the driver’s cabin to ensure it is safe for our people.

And if any tram is not up to scratch, it doesn’t run out. Simple.

Remember, if you are travelling for a permitted purpose on our network please only do so if you’re well, practice physical distancing and good hygiene, and wear a mask.