Animals & carry-on items

Assistance animals welcome

Passengers can travel on our trams, and on all public transport, with their trained assistance animal. Assistance animals include guide dogs, guide dogs in training, hearing dogs, hearing dogs in training and other animals identified by an Assistance Animal Pass.

Non-assistance animals

Small, non-assistance animals can travel on trams provided they are in a suitable container of a reasonable size and not obstructing other passengers. Other non-assistance animals are not permitted on trams, even on a lead.


Only folding bicycles can be carried on board trams. However, they must be stored in a bag and must not exceed 82cm long x 69cm high x 39cm wide, or have wheel rims larger than 51cm in diameter.

Prams, shopping jeeps and golf buggies

Prams, pushers, shopping jeeps, golf buggies and similar items can be carried on trams, as long as the comfort, access and safety of other passengers are not affected.

Some large prams may not fit through the doors of all trams, particularly those with steps. The details below indicates the size of the doorways on each class of tram. Please check the measurements of your pram before travelling.

For safety reasons, we strongly recommend you don’t use the rear door of trams when travelling with a pram.


  • Front door: 700mm and 540mm between hand rails
  • Middle door: 1120mm and 970mm between hand rails


  • Front door: 700mm and 600mm between hand rails
  • Middle door: 1380mm and 1250mm between hand rails with pole in the middle of the doorway


  • Front door: 640mm
  • Middle door: 1280mm


  • Front door: 780mm
  • Middle door: 1240mm


  • Front door: n/a
  • Middle door: 940mm


  • Front door: Not suitable for prams
  • Middle door: 772mm with a pole in the middle of the doorway

Prohibited items

Items that could injure or endanger people are not permitted on trams. They include but are not limited to:

  • Flammable liquids and gases (petrol, kerosene, LPG, propane)
  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Corrosive or acidic chemicals
  • Petrol powered vehicles or items of any kind
  • Large items including surfboards