Yarra Trams gains Communication Access Symbol accreditation

10 Dec 2019

At Yarra Trams we believe that everyone has the right to get their message across, however they communicate.

On 10 December, International Human Rights Day 2019, Yarra Trams was accredited with the Communication Access Symbol by Scope.

The Communication Access Symbol indicates that our service is communication accessible –invaluable for the one in 500 Victorians with a communication disability.

People with a communication disability may have speech that is difficult to understand or they may not use speech to communicate.

Over the past months, front line employees have been trained in communication access skills to help better serve these passengers.

Training included the use of a tool which supports non-verbal conversations using images representing common concepts, such as trams, public transport and Melbourne. The tool is carried by all front line employees and is available for download on our website.

Our employees are now better equipped to extend our fantastic service to passengers with specific needs, to ensure they remain connected to their work, education, and community.

To find out more go to www.yarratrams.com.au/accessibility