Lost property

I've lost something

Our process for handling lost property has recently changed. Items will be collected by our staff and will be transferred to a centralized location every two to three business days. Items are held for a period of 60 days, after which they are then donated to a charity.

We will be able to assist your enquires during the hours of 8am – 12pm, Monday to Friday, excluding Public Holidays.  Just fill in the form below.

Lost Property Form


Alternatively, you can try to reach one of our team via:

  • Email: SM-Lostproperty@yarratrams.com.au
  • Phone (8am - 12pm weekdays only): 0468 574 004
  • The PTV call centre on 1800 800 007.  It is open from 6am to midnight daily (all night Friday and Saturday).

You will receive a response within 1-2 business days.

Collection of lost items is by appointment only and from a location in the city.

I've found something

Please hand the item in to your Tram Driver, Customer Service Employee or the nearest police station.