14 Oct 2020

From the skies to the rails

Yarra Trams has been able to provide a new home for former airline employees who have been grounded due to the coronavirus pandemic
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08 Oct 2020

Supporting sustainable organisations of Melbourne

Yarra Trams will join with six new community organisations for 2021 Yarra Trams Community Partnerships Program.
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27 Aug 2020

Checking them once, then checking them again

Auditing every trams’ deep clean to keep passengers safe
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29 Jul 2020

Every tram. Every night.

Every night, our entire fleet undergoes deep cleans to help keep passengers safe during the coronavirus pandemic.
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08 Jul 2020

Pravini's happy face keeps Melbourne moving

Pravini is one of almost 300 contractors who are cleaning stops, depots and light vehicles to keep employees and the public safe.
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02 Jul 2020

Hanging out on Route 3

A flying fox hitched a ride on a Route 3 tram last week, and became quite the celebrity.
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