Message from our CEO: COVID-19 response

17 Mar 2020

These are exceptional times. Events over the last few days such as the cancellation of large-scale events, including the Grand Prix, announced on Friday, self-isolation for all visitors to Australia announced on Sunday and the Premier's announcement of a State of Emergency.

So we are rapidly adapting our response at Yarra Trams. But we have only one priority, this is protecting our people's health and safety, as well as that of our passengers.

I want to provide you with the latest update about what we are doing. Firstly, we're working in close coordination with the Department of Transport and the other operators, while also receiving regular updates from the Department of Health and Human Services, otherwise known as DHHS.

Starting today, based on the latest expert advice, we have asked all our office-based people to work from home, where possible.

At this stage we haven't been advised to reduce services. However, we are working with the State on possible reduced service scenarios, if this is needed, but this isn't the case at the moment. We'll update you if this changes.

To minimise the spread of infection, we've confirmed that our cleaners, GJK, will use products determined suitable for the sanitisation and treatment of an area with a suspected or confirmed COVID-19. 

All handwashing facilities are stocked to ensure our people can wash their hands, which DHHS advises is the primary form of prevention. We're continuing to work to build on existing supplies that are currently in high demand in this challenging environment, such as hand sanitiser. The current PPE we're providing is in accordance with the DHHS advice. 

We'll continue to monitor the latest advice and adapt our PPE accordingly, to keep you safe when out on the network.

This situation is changing rapidly and we are committed to keeping you up to date. We have several channels to give you the latest news about our COVID-19 response. You can continue to check our wesbite, Twitter or Facebook. PTV will also provide the latest information across all modes of transport.  

Finally, I want to assure you that we are continually monitoring the situation and will respond promptly as new information becomes available. In this exceptional situation, we will do all we can. It is not in Yarra Trams' interest to put our people at risk or to not take every precaution.

What we can do to protect our people and the public, we will do. 

Thank you.

Julien Dehornoy
CEO, Yarra Trams