Flagship project to refurbish trams and improve reliability and passenger experience

18 Jun 2018

More than 85 per cent of Melbourne's trams are being refurbished in a program that has generated over 100 jobs, and will see the availability, reliability and passenger amenity of trams improved.

Older trams will undergo a mechanical and electrical overhaul, upgrades to the driver's cabin and a refresh of the passenger saloon.

Improvement works include the replacement of windows with tinted glass, panel repairs, a deep clean of trams and installation of upgraded saloon lights on some vehicles.

The project also gives a mid-life overhaul of C and D-Class trams and an interior uplift of 150 low-floor trams.

In addition to the more than 100 new jobs created to deliver the project, the local economy will also benefit from investment in the local supply chain.

Anthea Antonio, Executive Director, Asset Performance & Projects said: "This project is the centrepiece of Yarra Trams' tram reliability program, as we work with the Victorian Government to improve Melbourne's tram network.

"Melbourne's trams range in age from brand new E-Class to heritage W-Class, and maintaining such diverse vehicles is a unique challenge."

In addition, Yarra Trams continues to introduce E-Class trams into the fleet with a total of 80 trams due to be in service by 2019.