Upgrading and maintaining our network

Melbourne’s tram network is the largest and oldest in the world, with much of the network laid out in the early 20th century. It requires ongoing upgrades and maintenance to make sure our passengers have a reliable and comfortable tram service.

We work with various government agencies every year to deliver upgrades to our tram infrastructure including new tram stops, substations, tram tracks, overhead and underground power. We also carry out regular maintenance and emergency repairs on existing infrastructure.

Every year we spend approximately $65 million replacing aging track with brand new rails that make trams quieter for surrounding communities, more reliable, and more comfortable to ride in. Tracks we replace today are expected to be serving the network for at least the next 50 years.

How the work is completed:

Approximately 75% of our tram routes are located within the road network, close to homes and local businesses. This makes upgrading and renewing our network difficult at times which means, depending on the project, we may need to:

  • work at night while trams aren’t running, and traffic volumes are lower
  • close sections roads for periods of time to dig up and replace tracks safely
  • close traffic lanes, footpaths and bike lanes while we work on infrastructure that is located in footpaths or close to the road, like power poles or underground cables
  • create noise, vibration and dust while we replace or refurbish infrastructure such as tracks, underground power supplies or poles
  • disrupt tram and other public transport services.

Working with you:

Where possible we try to minimise our impact by:

  • completing high noise activities before 10pm
  • providing neighbouring residents and local businesses with advance notice and information on upcoming works including:
    • details of the nature of construction works and its stages (if applicable)
    • outlining periods of high noise level works (for example excavation)
    • clearly describing the activities and how long they are expected to take 
    • providing a contact person for community queries.
  • working with traders during large scale work to see how we can help them with deliveries and adapting our work around their requirements where possible. We also regularly run advertising campaigns near our larger work sites encouraging residents to shop local
  • providing alternative public transport options. For more information on current and upcoming service changes visit: yarratrams.com.au/planned-disruptions

We understand that our works can be disruptive at times and we thank you for being patient as we work towards improving the tram network for all Melburnians with even greater accessibility, capacity, reliability, comfort and safety.

More information: 

For more information on current or upcoming projects visit: yarratrams.com.au/projects

If you would like to provide us with feedback visit: yarratrams.com.au/submit-your-feedback/ or call 1800 800 007



Image gallery

To help our community understand the type of work infrastructure upgrade work that may be conducted by Yarra Trams, below is a described gallery of some of the important work that occurs.

Further examples of infrastructure upgrades