Your safety is our priority

Nothing is more important to Yarra Trams than the safety of our passengers, employees, and the community. That’s why we are constantly improving the safety of Melbourne’s tram network.

But we can’t do it all on our own. Everyone must play a role in keeping themselves and others safe.  If you're a motorist or other road user, please click here for some key rules and tips for driving on our shared road network.

For passengers and pedestrians alike, please continue reading about tram safety.  If you want to read this information in Easy English, click here.

Tram Safety

On a busy, shared road network, trams may need to brake suddenly and unexpectedly.  This can result in slips and falls if you're not prepared.  Whether you're visiting and brand new to tramming, or familiar with trams as one of our regular commuters, it's important to take the following simple steps to ensure your safety.  Tram Coach has all the tips to help keep you safe on-board.  Read more below!


Slips, trips and falls are mostly likely to occur during the boarding phase of your journey.  To help keep you safer, here are three simple tips to ensure you get on strong:

  • Ensure you have your myki ready to touch on before you board, so that you are not fumbling around looking for it when the tram pulls away.
  • Touch on as you board, rather than having to do so as the tram is moving.  myki readers are conveniently located at all tram doors.
  • Find a seat, or grab a handrail or strap if you are standing.

On board

Once on board, following these tips will keep you traveling safer:

  • Find a seat and sit tight for the duration of your journey.
  • If a seat isn’t available, use a feet-apart strong stance to stand strong, and grip right using a handrail or strap.
  • Be aware and take care of those around you, and offer your seat to those who are elderly, pregnant, injured or have a disability.  Priority seats for these passengers are located on all trams.  Transport (Compliance and Misc) (Conduct on Public Transport) Regulations 2015 can be enforced and if you do not give up a priority seat, you may be fined.


At the end of your journey, ensure you exit safely and step off right by following Tram Coach's advice:

  • Press the “stop” button or pull the cord to alert the driver of your upcoming stop, allowing time for you to prepare to exit.
  • Gather your things before the tram arrives at your stop.
  • Don’t start moving towards the exit until the tram has come to a complete stop.

You’ll find more safety tips plus information about tram safety initiatives here.

Crossing safely around trams

Trams can take much longer and further to stop than you may think.  It’s important to be extra vigilant when crossing tram tracks, so here are some tips to keep you safe:

  • Watch and listen for oncoming trams in both directions when crossing tracks
  • Watch and listen for traffic when crossing roads to get on and off trams
  • Pedestrians should cross tram tracks at designated pedestrian crossings only
  • When one tram has passed, be aware that another tram may be passing behind it in the opposite direction

For more information about crossing safely at tram tracks, click here.

Personal security

For your personal security, authorised officers regularly travel on trams, all tram drivers are directly connected to our operations centre, and many trams are equipped with CCTV cameras. 

For more information about personal security on Melbourne’s public transport network, click here.