New Tram Coach campaign targets visitors to Melbourne

25 Jun 2019

Since 2017, Yarra Trams safety mascot Tram Coach has been reminding Melbournians to follow a few simple safety tips to prevent slips and falls when traveling by tram. This year, the campaign has launched a fun new evolution to educate visitors about ‘how we tram’.

View the campaign.

Featuring “out of this world” characters, the Tram Coach 2019 campaign delivers a serious message in a memorable way. It speaks directly to visitors to Melbourne who may be less aware of how to keep themselves safe on-board, but also reminds more regular commuters of these important safety messages.

Nothing is more important to Yarra Trams than the safety of our passengers, employees, and the community. That’s why we’re constantly improving the safety of Melbourne’s tram network. And with 70% of our network shared with other road users, preventing slips and falls on board continues to be a priority.