Extra stop cleaning helping keep passengers safe

17 Jun 2020

Cleaning on Melbourne’s tram network will be intensified, thanks to the $500 million Working for Victoria initiative.

More than 300 jobseekers have been hired to sanitise trams over the past few weeks in a major boost to cleaning services on the network.

The workers are carrying out additional cleaning between 7am and 6pm seven days a week – on carriages, in depots and at high-patronage stops across the network.

Almost 300 stops will get special attention, with high touch-point areas being cleaned multiple times a day at major stops including Federation Square and Melbourne University.

Crews travelling up and down busy routes like St Kilda Road will be hopping on and off at stops to increase cleaning frequency.

Melbourne’s trams already undergo a deep clean before each service, which involves wiping of high-touch areas, handrails and grab straps at the beginning of each run. The new roles will provide additional support on top of current cleaning measures.