Permits for works

If you’re planning to carry out works on or around the Melbourne tram network, you may require a permit.

Works that may require a permit include:

  • Works on roads with tram tracks (or any designated tram corridor)
  • Works that require traffic to be diverted onto roads with tram tracks
  • Works within 20 metres of a tram stop
  • Works around any other Yarra Trams assets. The following guides for High Risk Zones (Including No Go Zones) provide important information on how to operate safely when working in and around tram infrastructure.

Before commencing works you must contact Yarra Trams.

We will respond within ten business days. Please be aware, lead times for approvals vary according to the location and nature of works so contact us well ahead of the ideal start dates.

For works on roads with tram tracks (or any designated tram corridor) or within 20m of a tram stop, email:

For works within the High Risk Zones, email:

Please refer to the information requirement guide to ensure you provide the necessary information with your enquiry.