Taking a mental health check

26 Mar 2019

Yarra Trams community partner, batyr, are hoping to smash the stigma of mental health by talking about the elephant in the room – or, in this instance, on the tram.

As a youth mental health organisation working to normalise conversations around mental health, batyr estimate that on a tram of up to 200 people, 46 will be experiencing a mental health issue, but only 14 will reach out for support. That leaves 33 people suffering in silence.

batyr’s new wrap focuses on adding your mental health care to your everyday ‘To Do’ list, alongside tasks like doing the laundry or feeding your pet.

Tram 3009 can be seen travelling down Collins Street on routes 48 and 109 until June.

Director, Lines, Carla Purcell said it is exciting to be able to partner with batyr to help talk about the importance of mental health and call out the elephant in the room.