Safety fence extension on Nicholson Street - August and September 2013

Friday 23 August 2013

As part of Public Transport Victoria's $800 million tram procurement program, the Victorian Government has purchased 50 new low-floor trams. These next generation trams will run on one of Melbourne's busiest tram lines, Route 96, by the end of the year.

The new trams will be the longest in Melbourne at 33 metres. As an interim measure to ensure passengers can safely wait, board and alight at tram stops on Nicholson Street, Yarra Trams is extending safety fencing at seven existing tram stops.

Please note this work is an interim safety measure and is separate to the stop upgrades currently proposed as part of the Route 96 Project.

The Route 96 Project team is still consulting with the community on early concept designs for accessible tram stops. The extension of safety fencing does not pre-empt the outcome of this consultation and does not indicate the start of work on building platform stops.

This work will not alter current on-street parking or driveway access arrangements.

The extension of temporary safety fencing on Nicholson Street will initially occur at the following seven stops on Nicholson Street:

  • Stop 13 Hanover Street
  • Stop 14 Bell Street
  • Stop 18 Freeman Street
  • Stop 19 Tempany Street
  • Stop 20 Reid Street
  • Stop 21 Scotchmer Street
  • Stop 22 Brunswick Road

The work is scheduled to take place from Wednesday 21 August to Friday 6 September in several stages and at different times of day and night depending on the activities required.

For each stage, work will be conducted on each of the seven affected stops throughout the stated times. Some lanes adjacent to the tram stops will be closed while the work is taking place.

Route 96 trams will operate as normal during this time.

Schedule of work*

Stage Dates Times Activities Noise Level
1 Wednesday 21 to Friday 23 August 8pm to 5am Removal of separation kerbing and line marking Moderate
2 Monday 26 and Tuesday 27 August 8pm to 5am Relocation of yellow barriers Moderate
3 Wednesday 28 August

8am to 5pm

8pm to 5am

Preparation for asphalting

Relocation of yellow barriers

4 Thursday 29 August to Friday 6 September 8pm to 5am Asphalt and concrete work, reinstallation/extension of fencing and separation kerbing Moderate

* Site and weather conditions may require certain activities to be rescheduled