Hanging out on Route 3

02 Jul 2020

Hanging out on Route 3 was all the rage last week.

A flying fox was spotted by passengers aboard tram 216 heading into the CBD late Wednesday afternoon, perched just outside the windows.

After alerting the Driver, the tram pulled over just outside the Arts Centre on St Kilda Road - and Wildlife Victoria were contacted to come help rescue the nocturnal creature.

They were quick to the scene, bringing down the little one and wrapping it up in some blankets. It was then taken back for treatment, receiving some much needed TLC.

It is quite strange to find a flying fox out during the afternoon, with Wildlife Victoria explaining that when this occurs they likely are in need of help. If you do come across any bat in an unusual place, please call Wildlife Victoria on 03 8400 7300.

And for those wondering, the flying fox was not fined for travelling on the outside of the tram!

To watch the story on Channel Nine News, click here.

The flying fox wrapped up safely after its trip along Route 3