Yarra Trams Community Partnerships Program

The Yarra Trams Community Partnerships Program provides $1 million of free advertising value to community organisations making a positive impact on diversity and inclusion in Melbourne.

All eligible community organisations are welcome to apply for a share in the advertising. We partner with six organisations annually.

What’s on offer

Six tram wrap partnerships

  • One tram completely wrapped in your design
  • 16 weeks live on the network
  • Printing and installation costs covered by Yarra Trams
  • Design costs covered by successful organisation

How to apply

Visit the how to apply page for more information.

Partners on the network


The colourful batyr Community Partnership Tram travelling down Collins Street

"Being a Yarra Trams Community Partner and having our vibrant elephant tram travel down main streets of Melbourne has increased our brand's visibility in the city and given us an incredible opportunity to promote a positive and important message to the Melbourne community - that looking after your mental health should be a daily habit."

The Torch

The two sides of The Torch's tram wrap

See more of The Torch's work here.


"It’s fair to say the whole FareShare community was proud to see a tram taking our message to the city. It felt like a validation of our mission. With all our resources focused on rescuing food and cooking meals, this was an opportunity we could never have afforded so it provided a wonderful fillip. Everyday, volunteers would arrive with stories about seeing or travelling on a tram. The campaign was, quite simply, our time in the sun!"

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

One side of the ASRC's 'the story beside you' tram wrap

See more of ASRC's work here.