Yarra Trams Community Partnerships Program

The Yarra Trams Community Partnerships Program provides in-kind advertising every year to community organisations.

The program was refreshed in 2021 with a new theme of ‘A more sustainable Melbourne’. Expressions of interest are by invitation only.

Our 2021 community partners are Birdlife Australia, Environment Victoria, Fairtrade, Planet Ark, Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria and Wildlife Victoria. Each will deliver important messages about sustainability through trams on the network.

Partners on the network

Take a look at some of our community partnership trams.

BirdLife Australia

Photo: BirdLife Australia's Sean Dooley promoting their key campaign message - count the birds that are counting on you.

We have continued to work with our Community Partners to engage the general public in all working together to create a more sustainable Melbourne. After the successful showcasing of some stunning tram wraps from the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria, Environment Victoria and Wildlife Victoria we are currently collaborating with our fourth Community Partner of 2021, BirdLife Australia.

BirdLife Australia is a national bird conservation charity with the core purpose of stopping extinctions and ensuring native birds are protected and valued. It partnered with Yarra Trams to encourage Melburnians to sign up to the ‘Aussie Backyard Bird Count’ with the message “Count the birds that are counting on you”.

Common backyard bird species play an invaluable role in maintaining a healthy ecosystem and can give the best indication of the health of the environment.

You can ride the beautiful BirdLife tram to Fitzroy or Treasury Gardens until late September 2021 and see if you can spot some of the spectacular birds featured on the tram in the gardens.

Environment Victoria

Photo: Environment Victoria's clean energy tram, encouraging people to consider renewable energy in their homes and businesses.

We are delighted to notice that more and more Melburnians are becoming increasingly aware that our entire tram network is offset by solar power, making it one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel around our city. 

Back in April one of our community partners, Environment Victoria, decided to spread the positive message of renewable energy even further, with the launch of their “clean energy solar tram”. The eye-catching design let everyone know loud and clear that the tram was powered by clean energy, but also prompted Melburnians to think about what else in their lives could and should be too.

Melbourne’s Solar Trams, a Department of Transport and Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning (DELWP) initiative, has so far offset 200,000 tonnes of carbon emissions with renewable energy generation since the program began in November 2018. 

We hope that this knowledge that trams are powered by solar energy will encourage more people to change their travel behaviour and switch to cleaner methods of public transport.

Environment Victoria’s “clean energy solar tram” will run until mid-August 2021 and we will continue to spread this positive and encouraging message long after.  

Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria

Photo: Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria's vibrant tram asking Melburnians to give nature a moment.

In May we bid a fond farewell to one of the most vibrant and attractive trams to have graced the network, designed by the second of our four 2021 sustainable community partner champions, the Royal Botanic Gardens Victoria (RBGV). 

The exquisite hand drawn designs were a huge hit with Melburnians, right from the initial launch in early February, through to the end of May. 

As part of its 175th anniversary celebrations, RBGV partnered with Yarra Trams to promote sustainability messages to the Melbourne community and encourage everyone to ‘give nature a moment’ and ‘act for nature’.

The smallest step can make a positive change to the planet, even just by connecting with nature and the environment, to better understand its beauty and fragility and it’s need to be looked after with respect.

Wildlife Victoria

Photo: Wildlife Victoria's key message is "Watch out for our wildlife on your road trip".

We are taking a look back today at one of our favourite trams wraps for 2021. Wildlife Victoria was Yarra Trams’ first community partnership for 2021 and kicked off our theme of “A more sustainable Melbourne”. Wildlife Victoria provides advocacy and a State-wide Emergency Response Service for people to contact when they encounter a native animal that needs help. 

The beautiful tram wrap featured images of some of Australia’s best-loved native wildlife, such as our kangaroos, to serve as a reminder to motorists to watch out for native animals who also tend to share our roads, particularly in more regional Victoria.

The tram wrap was part of Wildlife Victoria’s 2021 summer campaign, and ran for several months between December 2020 and mid-April this year on Routes 48 and 109 and received overwhelmingly positive and engaged feedback from the Melbourne community.

Wildlife Victoria and Yarra Trams continue to ask road users to stay vigilant, particularly at dusk and dawn when our native wildlife is at its most active – we can all share the roads harmoniously if we stay on the lookout!

​For any enquiries, please email CommunityPartnerships@yarratrams.com.au.