Art Trams 2019

Melbourne is renowned as the cultural capital of Australia, with a city-wide love and appreciation of art.  Since 2013, we've supported the Melbourne International Arts Festival as well as local artists with a mobile, public gallery on our most beloved of canvases - our trams.  This year as with previous programs, eight trams will be wrapped with unique designs by inspiring artists. 

For more information about 2019's Melbourne Art Trams program, please click here.

Find your favourite Art Tram by searching by tram number using the myTRAM function on the TramTRACKER app.  You can download TramTRACKER for iPhone and Android smartphones.  Keep reading below to find your favourite Art Tram's tram number.

Melbourne Art Trams is made possible through a creative partnership between Melbourne International Arts Festival, Creative Victoria and Public Transport Victoria in collaboration with Yarra Trams.


D-Class Art Tram by Nyein Chan Aung

Nyein Chan Aung

The Late Supper applied to a D1-Class tram is this artists' interpretation of Leonardo da Vinci's iconic The Last Supper by Leonardo da Vinci.  Those familiar with late-night Chinatown establishment Supper Inn may find this design particularly familiar. Look up tram number 3532 using MyTram on TramTRACKER to find it on the network.

More on the artist here.


Kent Morris

This artist's artwork was created from a single photograph taken while walking on Country. It's been applied to an A-Class tram, look up tram number 273 on TramTRACKER to find it on the network.

Click here for more info about the artist.

A-Class Art Tram by Kent Morris


C-Class Art Tram by Sophie Westerman

Sophie Westerman

This artist works creates architectural landscapes through the process of printmaking. Her tram design is applied to a C-Class, to track it down on TramTRACKER, search for tram number 3003.

For more about the artist, click here.


Nusra Latif Qureshi

This artists' traditional South Asian inspired design celebrates the diversity of Melbourne's multicultural life.  Search tram number 5111 using the MyTRAM function on TramTRACKER to find it on the network.

Read the full artist's statement here.

C2-Class Art Tram by Nusra Latif Qureshi


Lesley Dumbrell's B-Class Art Tram

Lesley Dumbrell

A recreation of her classic design applied to a W-Class in 1986's Transporting Art project, this colourful B-Class can be found on the network by searching for tram number 2006 on MyTRAM on your TramTRACKER app.

Learn more about the artist here.


Gene Bawden

Yours, mine, ours - applied to a D2-Class tram - celebrates the diversity of Melbourne, spelling it out boldly with a bright and geometric design.  To find it on the network, search for tram number 5002 on TramTRACKER.

More about the artist, here.

Gene Bawden's D2-Class Art Tram


Vandal's B-Class Art Tram


This artists' bright, colourful design Marbaamarbaa garingali (multi-coloured native dog) adorns B-Class tram number 2012.  It'll be hard to miss on the network, but find which route it is running using MyTRAM on TramTRACKER.

Find out more about the artist here.


Beaconhills Year 3 Collective

These young artists have had their colourful design applied to B-Class tram number 2054.  Learn more about them here.

Beaconhills Year 3 Collective B-Class Art Tram