Art Trams

Melbourne is renowned as the cultural capital of Australia, with a city-wide love and appreciation of art.  Since 2013, we've supported the Melbourne International Arts Festival as well as local artists with a mobile, public gallery on our most beloved of canvases - our trams.  This year as with previous programs, eight trams will be wrapped with unique designs by inspiring artists. 

For more information about 2018's Melbourne Art Trams program, please click here.

Find your favourite Art Tram by searching by tram number using the myTRAM function on the TramTRACKER app.  You can download TramTRACKER for iPhone and Android smartphones.  Keep reading below to find your favourite Art Tram's tram number.

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Melbourne Art Trams is made possible through a creative partnership between Melbourne International Arts Festival, Creative Victoria and Public Transport Victoria in collaboration with Yarra Trams.


B-Class Art Tram by Haley Millar-Baker

Hayley Millar-Baker

This year's first Art Tram to enter service features a design by Gunditjmara artist Hayley Millar-Baker.  Her monochrome photo-media design featuring landscapes and native animals has been applied to a B-Class operating on Routes 11 and 86. 

You can see where this tram is on the network with the TramTRACKER app, just go to myTRAM and search for tram number 2009.

For more information about the artist, please click here.


David Larwill

A stunning recreation of David's original work painted on a W-Class tram in 1986 as part of the Transporting Art project, our second 2018 Art Tram features the same bold stylised design, but wrapped on an A-Class. 

Look up tram number 273 on TramTRACKER to find it on our network.

Click here for more info about the artist.

A-Class Art Tram recreation of original W-Class by David Larwill


B-Class Art Tram by Stephen Baker

Stephen Baker

This artist's colourful, geometric and figurative representation of Melbourne's cultural hub has been applied to a B-Class.

Track it down on TramTRACKER, search for tram number 2054.

Read the artist's statement here.


Oli Ruskidd

Inspired by Melbourne's famed laneways, this street artist's vivid depiction of the vibrant energy of Melbourne adorns a low-floor C-Class tram.

Search tram number 3003 using the myTRAM function on TramTRACKER to find it on the network.

Read the full artist's statement here.

C-Class Art Tram by Oli Ruskidd


C2-Class Art Tram by Troy Innocent

Troy Innocent

You can go beyond the imagery itself with this artist's artwork.  Download this augmented reality app and watch and listen as another layer of animation and sound is revealed when this particular C2-Class passes in your smartphone camera's view.

Use the myTRAM function on TramTRACKER to track down tram number 5106 and play for yourself.

Read more including the artist's statement here.


Valerie Tang

This young Year 9 student's artwork of Marvelous Melbourne highlights the many and varied faces and colours that make up our multicultural community. 

The artwork has been applied to a B-Class, and can be tracked down on TramTRACKER, search tram number 2012.

More from the artist here.

B-Class Art Tram by Valerie Tang


D-Class Art Tram by Nick Howson

Nick Howson

This artist's work depicts the variety of Melburnians that can be found on our network, from office commuters to students to city shoppers.

To see this design for yourself, track down tram number 5002, a five-section D-Class tram, on TramTRACKER using the myTRAM function.  It'll normally be running on Routes 1, 6 or 19.

Read the artist's statement here.


Oslo Davis

Melbourne is a city on a river by a bay, and so this artist's work seeks to depict our love for water.

The design has been wrapped on a three-section D-Class tram, commonly found operating on Routes 5, 6, 16, 58 and 72.  Find it on the network for yourself, using tram number 3532 on TramTRACKER.

More from the artist here.

D-Class Art Tram by Oslo Davis