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Swanston St / Princes Bridge Stage 1

Sunday 17 February 2019

Date and time

Sunday 17 February, 8pm to last tram

Reason for service changes

We’re renewing tram tracks on Swanston Street between Flinders Street and the Arts Precinct.

Service changes

Swanston St / St Kilda Rd trams run in sections, with no trams between Stop 11 Collins St and Stop 14 Arts Precinct.

Extra trams run along Swanston Street between Stop 11 Collins St and Stop 1 Melbourne University.

Stops not serviced

  • Stop 13 Flinders Street Station (in both directions).

You can connect by walking between Stop 11 Collins St and Stop 14 Arts Precinct (up to 600m / 8 min walk). Alternatively, you can use City Loop trains between Flinders Street Station and Melbourne Central Station.

If you need assistance, please speak to our customer service team or alert your driver.

During the works, trams run to the normal frequency; however they may not arrive at the scheduled time. We encourage you to allow extra time for your journey.

Stage 2 of works occurs on Sunday 24 February.