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Route 96 Nicholson Street Tram Stop Upgrades, Brunswick East

11 - 17 May 2019

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) in partnership with Yarra Trams will be undertaking works to install new platform stops along Route 96 on Nicholson Street between Brunswick Road and Blyth Street in Brunswick East.

These works are part of a broader plan to make all tram stops fully accessible on Route 96, which is the busiest tram route in Melbourne. These new stops will make it easier for passengers using wheelchairs, parents with prams, elderly people and others with limited mobility to get on and off the trams.

Preliminary works

Preliminary works commenced Monday 8 April and will continue until the major works period. These activities will have some impacts on road conditions along Nicholson Street and will require localised, partial lane closures and changes to property access.

Medium to high levels of noise can be expected Monday to Friday 6am to 10pm during these preliminary works. Work areas have been staged to minimise impacts as best as possible.

Major works

Major works will take place on Nicholson Street between Brunswick Road and Blyth Street, Brunswick East, 24 hours a day Saturday 11 May until Friday 17 May 2019. In order to minimise disruptions to the community, works will be undertaken in stages and subject to minor changes. Please refer to the map in the attached PDF.

These works will include breaking concrete, excavation, concreting and asphalting of new tram stop and installation of associated infrastructure such as permanent signage, tram shelters and passenger information displays.

Public transport changes

Route 96 trams will not be affected by the preliminary works. Stop 24 will be temporarily closed throughout all works. Passengers please use stop 25 or stop 23 as alternatives.

Buses will replace trams during major works 11 May to 17 May 2019.

Stop 26 at Victoria Street will be removed as part of the works due to the relocation of the Albert Street Stop 25. Stop 26 permanently removed from 11 May 2019. The closest stops will be Stop 25 – approximately 175m south of the former Stop 26, or Blyth Street terminus - approximately 200m north of the former Stop 26.

For more details, including bus replacement routes during major works, please visit yarratrams.com.au/servicechanges


Some sections of the footpath will be closed to undertake these works. Pedestrian detours will be in place; please follow signage around the work zone.


Due to the nature of the works, there will be some temporary parking restrictions on Nicholson Street between Brunswick Road and Blyth Street, Brunswick East during April preliminary works. Local vehicle access under traffic management will be maintained on Nicholson Street at this time.

Nicholson Street will be closed between Brunswick Road and Blyth Street, Brunswick East during major works 11 May to 17 May 2019. Information regarding local access arrangements has been provided to affected residents and businesses.

Noise and Dust

Associated noise and dust from machinery, vehicles and work crews is unavoidable. In order to finish these works as quickly as possible, works will take place 24 hours a day and will generate high levels of noise during major works 11 to 17 May.

If work was kept to a ‘day time only’ schedule, the disruption to tram services, motorists and the community would be substantially longer. We apologise for the inconvenience this work causes and appreciate your understanding.

Fully accessible tram stops

There are now more than 420 fully accessible tram stops in Melbourne, built as part of an ongoing program to modernise the tram network.

The Route 96 tram stop upgrades will deliver fully accessible tram stops to provide improved access and safety for customers in this area, including people in wheelchairs, parents with prams and elderly people.

Local businesses and community

The businesses on Nicholson Street will remain open during the works. Please continue to support your local businesses during these essential infrastructure works. Pedestrian access to these businesses will remain open at all times. Parking will be restricted during works. Please park in nearby side streets noting local parking restrictions.

Yarra Trams encourages you to allow some extra time when moving around the area while work is being done.

As this work is necessary to maintain a safe tram network as required by the Rail Management Act 1996 (Vic), Yarra Trams will not compensate any third parties for any losses incurred during the project.