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Burwood Highway Tram Track Maintenance, Parer Street, Burwood and Sevenoaks Road, Burwood East

22 - 24 June 2019

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) in partnership with Yarra Trams will be undertaking tram track maintenance works along Route 75 on Burwood Highway between Parer Street, Burwood and Sevenoaks Road, Burwood East.

Major works

From 12am Saturday 22 June to 5am Monday 24 June 2019, tram track maintenance work will take place during the day and night on Burwood Highway between Parer Street, Burwood and Sevenoaks Road, Burwood East.

Major works include saw cutting, breaking out of concrete, removing rail and rubble, installing new rail, concrete and site clean up.

This work is required in order to replace sections of tram tracks in the centre median. As part of this work, several lane closures and median crossings along Burwood Highway will be closed. Please refer to the map overleaf.


The pedestrian crossing on the east side of Burwood Highway at Station Street intersection will be fenced off for safety. Pedestrian crossings on the west side will remain open to allow pedestrian to cross the road.

In addition to this, the pedestrian crossing at the median opening at the RSPCA and Burwood Heights Shopping centre will be closed during these works. Please use alternative closest pedestrian crossing located at Middleborough Road.

All other footpaths on both the north and south side of Burwood Highway will remain open to allow pedestrian access to businesses and residences located around the work zone.

Public transport changes

During the major works, tram route 75 will be affected. There will be tram replacement buses to help passengers get to their destinations. For more details closer to the time, please visit yarratrams.com.au/servicechanges


In order to accommodate the works and to ensure worker safety, lane closures next to the centre median in both directions will be closed along Burwood Highway. Several median crossings andintersections will also be closed at the following locations:

–– between Renown Street and Wridgway Avenue

–– between Greenwood Street and Middleborough Road

–– between Middleborough Road and Crow Street

–– between Oakham Avenue and Benwerrin Drive

–– between Blackburn Road and Tainton Road.

All other median crossings and intersections on Burwood Highway between Parer Street and Sevenoaks Road will remain open. Traffic controllers will direct traffic and help facilitate local access where needed.

Noise and dust

Associated noise and dust from machinery, vehicles and work crews is unavoidable. In order to finish these works as quickly as possible, works will take place 24 hours a day and will generate high levels of noise. If works was kept to a ‘day time only’ schedule, the disruption to tram services, motorists and the community would be substantially longer.

We apologise for the inconvenience this work causes and appreciate your understanding.

Local community

Access to shops and local infrastructure will remain unchanged during the works. Yarra Trams encourages you to allow some extra time when moving around the area while work is being done.

Local businesses

The businesses and education facilities along Burwood Highway will remain open during the works. Please continue to support your local businesses during these essential infrastructure works. Pedestrian access to these businesses will remain open at all times.

As this work is necessary to maintain a safe tram network as required by the Rail Management Act 1996 (Vic), Yarra Trams will not compensate any third parties for any losses incurred during the project.

Local access

Due to median crossing and intersection closures, direct access to side streets may be impacted. Please follow traffic control signage and cross at the next available median crossing or intersection. There are no impacts to driveway access during these works.