Stop before you cross tram tracks - Rail Safety Week

13 Aug 2018

Yarra Trams is calling on pedestrians to cross tram tracks safely during Rail Safety Week.

A new Public Transport Victoria campaign across Melbourne’s tram network aims to encourage safe behaviours as people travel to their destination.

It coincides with the national Rail Safety Week from 13-19 August, which reminds everyone that they all have a responsibility to ensure safety around trains and trams.

In the first seven months of 2018 there have been seven serious collisions in Melbourne between pedestrians and trams, including two tragic fatal incidents.

This is a reduction from 12 serious collisions for the same period in 2017, and greater awareness of safety can help to further reduce the number of incidents.

Supported by digital channels, the ‘stop before you cross’ message will be prominently displayed across Melbourne’s tram network via a wrapped tram and posters on board trams and at tram stops.

Yarra Trams’ Director, Safety & Security, Adrian Rowland said: “Nothing is more important to Yarra Trams than the safety of employees, passengers and the community.

“Everyone who travels around Melbourne’s tram network can help to make the network safer, and the simple message is to stop before you cross tram tracks.”

In 2017, Yarra Trams introduced Tram Coach to remind and educate tram passengers about travelling safely on trams by taking a seat or holding on whenever possible.

Learn more about the safest way to cross campaign here.