Improving tram safety in Park Street as part of Metro Tunnel

22 Feb 2018

The stop upgrades are part of a series of projects that will help enable construction of the new Anzac station, being built in the Domain precinct as part of the Metro Tunnel project.

Benefits of the new stops include a safer space for passengers to board and alight from trams, improved access to low-floor trams operating on Route 58 and new shelters and passenger information displays.

Research by Monash University has found that platform tram stops improve passenger safety by up to 86 per cent compared to older-style tram stops.

At the same time, new tram tracks and raised safety kerbs were installed to improve the reliability and safety of Melbourne's tram network.

The former tram stop at the corner of Park Street and Kings Way is closed.

The Domain Interchange tram stop is due to close in April 2018 as part of Anzac station construction. In preparation for this, accessible stops have been built at Toorak Road West and Park Street.