Permanent median closure - Dandenong Road near Hornby Street Windsor

Monday 16 October 2017

Further to VicRoads' advice in July 2017, works to permanently close the median opening on Dandenong Road, near Hornby Street are now progressing.

The centre median opening on Dandenong Road near Hornby Street has been temporarily closed since 1 August 2015.

In July 2017, VicRoads provided feedback on the decision to permanently close this median opening in the interest of ongoing safety and road/tram network operation benefits.

Additional queue detectors will be installed in the right turn lane to assist vehicles turning right at Chapel Street.


Permanent median closure

Works will commence at 7am on Monday 23 October and will continue over two weeks, Monday to Friday between 7am and 5pm, until Monday 6 November 2017.

Permanent median closure work will occur at the median opening on Dandenong Road adjacent to Hornby Street near Stop 33 Hornby St / Dandenong Rd in Windsor.

Tram passengers

No tram services will be impacted from this work


Due to the nature of works, the right hand turning lane into Chapel Street from Dandenong Road will be partially closed near the work area outside peak periods between 7am Monday 23 October to 5pm Monday 6 November 2017.


The work zone will be closed to pedestrians however the footbridge will remain open to allow pedestrian access to all businesses located around the work zone.

Noise and dust

Associated noise and dust from machinery, vehicles and work crews is unavoidable but Yarra Trams will do all it can to keep this to a minimum. Work will occur between 7am and 5pm; however, there may be a need to conduct noisy work outside these hours due to inclement weather or other unexpected circumstances.

As this work is necessary to maintain a safe tram network as required by the Rail Safety Act 2006 (Vic), Yarra Trams will not compensate any third parties for any losses incurred during the project.

For more information visit or call 1800 800 007 6 am - midnight (all night Friday & Saturday).