Route 86 - Closure of Stop 52 outbound - Plenty Road and Tyler Street

Thursday 6 October 2016

As part of the modernisation of Melbourne's tram network, the State Government is investing more than $1.1 billion into the manufacture and purchase of 70 new E-Class trams and associated infrastructure.

With E-Class trams currently operating on route 96 and route 11, the trams will soon be rolled out onto route 86, one of Melbourne's busiest tram routes. This will increase the capacity of route 86 to benefit travellers now and accommodate growth into the future.

When will the outbound tram stop (Stop 52) at Tyler Street be closed?

The removal of the outbound stop at Tyler Street (Stop 52) will occur between Tuesday 11 October and Friday 14 October 2016.

Why is Stop 52 (outbound) being closed?

To ensure an E-Class tram is able to safely and efficiently service route 86, a number of changes need to be implemented across the entire route. E-Class trams are approximately 10 metres longer than the current B-Class trams that service route 86, which has presented some constraints in continuing to ensure the safety of passengers and motorists.

The current safety zone tram stop (Stop 52) in the outbound direction at Tyler Street is not able to safely accommodate a 33 metre long E-Class tram due to length of the stop. The E-Class tram substantially encroaches onto a live road without protection for boarding and alighting passengers. This presents an unacceptably high safety risk for passengers, and for vehicle to vehicle and vehicle to tram accidents.

Are there any alternatives to closing Stop 52 outbound?

The minimum works to safely accommodate the E Class tram at Stop 52 requires decommissioning the outbound stop at Tyler Street. This will remove associated safety risks to passengers, Yarra Trams staff and motorists.

What does this mean for passengers that currently use Stop 52 outbound?

The removal of the outbound stop at Tyler Street (Stop 52) results in the nearest stops being approximately 360m to Wood Street (Stop 51) and approximately 340m to Ethel Grove (Stop 53).

The route 86 inbound Tyler Street Stop 52, will remain unchanged and continue to service passengers heading in the direction of the CBD. Only Tyler Street outbound passengers on route 86 will be impacted by the change.

Tram services during the closure of Stop 52 outbound

AThere will be no tram service disruptions during the closure of Stop 52 outbound. Work will be conducted at night after last tram services and before first tram services resume in the morning. Trams will not stop at Stop 52 outbound after last tram service on Monday 10 October 2016.

Motorists during the closure of Stop 52 outbound

Lane closures will be in place around the work zone at Stop 52 outbound. One lane of traffic will still be open to allow for through traffic. Signage and traffic controllers will be in place to guide motorists around the work site.

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