Accessibility Update - Q3 2016

Friday 19 August 2016

Stop upgrades

The Acland Street Terminus is currently being upgraded to a level access stop.

Accessibility video

The current Yarra Trams accessibility video is out-of-date. A new version is to be developed based on the different stages of travel - planning your journey, at the stop, on board the tram, and providing feedback.

The video will be able to be viewed as a whole, or broken down into smaller chapters, depending on the audience.

Once completed, the video will be available on our website and on our YouTube channel.

 DDA audit of the tram network

An audit of tram infrastructure is to be undertaken in the next few months. 

An improved methodology and questionnaire has been developed. Information will be collected via tablets and uploaded to a database.

The database will be kept up-to-date with the same audit questionnaire to be completed after the construction of new stops.

The audit will inform on the current status of compliance to the DSAPT as well as an overall view of accessibility.

New disruptions signage

A new suite of disruptions signage is being used for planned service changes.  The signage is orange with white text and includes several different aspects, including:

  • Notices at stops along affected routes
  • Brochures on board trams
  • Hangers on board trams
  • Corflute signage at affected stops
  • Floor decals to show customers the way to alternative modes of travel such as train and bus
  • Signs to indicate where the tram replacement bus stops are located
  • Customer information hubs with maps showing diversions and alternative travel options