Train station tramTRACKER screens FAQ

Monday 16 November 2015

Yarra Trams is bringing real-time tramTRACKER information to train stations across Melbourne to assist passengers transferring from trains to trams.

Frequently asked questions

What are train station tramTRACKER screens?

  • Train station tramTRACKER screens are 67 TV screens at 44 train stations across Melbourne displaying real-time tram arrival predictions at nearby tram stops.
  • They display tramTRACKER information, including next tram arrival predictions, information about disruptions and special events, and the direction and distance to the nearest tram stop. 

Why have they been installed?

  • Train station tramTRACKER screens help improve connectivity for passengers transferring from trains to trams.
  • The project is funded by Public Transport Victoria and delivered by Yarra Trams in collaboration with Metro.

Where are train Station tramTRACKER screens located at the station?

  • Train station tramTRACKER screens are located at the station exits closest to tram stops.

Which stations have they been installed at?

  • We are installing 67 train station tramTRACKER screens at 44 train stations by Christmas 2015.
  • These stations include Flinders Street, City Loop, South Yarra, Richmond, and suburban stations where tram stops are within a short walking distance.

What information is being shown on the train station tramTRACKER screens?

  • The information displayed on each screen will vary depending on how many tram routes operate near each particular station.
  • Train station tramTRACKER screens show train passengers exiting a station where the nearest tram stop is located. 
  • If there are one or two routes serviced by the tram stop, the screen will display the next three arrivals for each route. 
  • If there are three or more routes serviced by the stop, the screen will display the next tram for each route. This is due to the space available on the screen.

How accurate is the prediction provided?

  • Train station tramTRACKER screens use an upgraded prediction engine and display the same predications as the tramTRACKER smartphone app.
  • Trams operate in mixed traffic across 80 per cent of the network, so there is always a chance that external factors such as traffic may affect tram arrival times. 

What are the benefits for passengers?

  • Train station tramTRACKER screens provide real-time tram arrival prediction information to train passengers to assist them in planning their journey and transferring between modes. 
  • By knowing when the next tram is due to arrive, passengers can make their way to the stop in a safe manner.
  • It might also mean they have time to stop for a coffee or visit the station kiosk.

Will the train station tramTRACKER screens provide disruption information?

  • Yes. The same disruption and special event information will be displayed as in the tramTRACKER app and passenger information displays at tram stops. 
  • Disruption information is displayed along the bottom of the screen rather than covering the whole screen, to ensure passengers using routes not affected by the disruption or special event can still view the next tram arrival information. 

What if a train station tramTRACKER screen isn't working? Who do I report this to?

  • Passengers can report any issues with train station tramTRACKER screens to the Customer Service desk at train stations or by contacting PTV on 1800 800 007 or