Accessibility Update - Q1 2015

Friday 17 April 2015

Customer Service Standards

Customer Service Standards for Authorised Officers have been finalised.  A training program has been developed with the first session held on Wednesday 1 April. All Authorised Officers are expected to have completed the training by the end of June 2015.

Yarra Trams is working with Public Transport Victoria and other public transport operators to develop industry wide customer service standards. These standards will ensure customers receive the same level of customer service on all modes of public transport.

Accessibility update - Quarter 1 2015 - pic 1

Above: The cover of the Customer Service Standards for Authorised Officers training material

Improved customer information during disruptions

tramTRACKER mini units are being installed at more tram stops across the network. By the end of April 2015, tramTRACKER mini will be available at 59 stops. 

This mini version of real-time arrival prediction screens is powered by tramTRACKER and indicates when the next tram will arrive, provides voice options for visually impaired customers, alerts for planned or unplanned disruptions and advice on which trams are low-floor for easy access.

The mini units, which can be adapted to fit any tram stop on the network, are solar powered to improve the sustainability of the tram network.

Real-time information is now available to passengers via tramTRACKER displays at tram stops, announcements onboard and at tram stops, and via the tramTRACKER app for iPhone and Android smartphones.

Floor markings

Funding has been approved to install floor markings to identify the allocated space on all low-floor trams.  A consultation session was held on Friday 27 March to gather feedback about the design and location of the floor markings. We are seeking further feedback before the roll-out on all low-floor trams.

Accessibility update - Quarter 1 2015 - pic 2

Above: We are seeking further feedback on the above floor markings