Stand by your tram - Melbourne welcomes the E-Class

Monday 4 November 2013

Tram 6001 enters service

Melbourne's first locally produced tram in nearly 20 years has entered passenger service.

At 33.45 metres, these trams are the longest to ever run in Melbourne, and their capacity of 210 passengers make them the most efficient people movers ever to run in the world's most famous 'tram town'.

E-Class tram #6001 took its first in-service trip for passengers at 8.45am this morning. After a quick break to allow the Melbourne Cup Parade to take place it will be back on Route 96 between East Brunswick and St Kilda Beach this afternoon.

Minister for Transport Terry Mulder, Chief Executive Officer of Public Transport Victoria Ian Dobbs and Chief Executive Officer of Yarra Trams Clément Michel were amongst those joining passengers on the first journey.

Tram #6002 will also begin passenger service by the end of today, and trams #6003, #6004 and #6005 will be launched before the end of the year.

E-Class trams are the first tram manufactured in Melbourne since the last B-Class rolled off the production line in 1994. The design is based on the Bombardier Flexity, with modifcations specifically for Melbourne conditions.

Video of the tram on its first trip

More photos from the launch and first in-service trip

Minister Mulder and tram 6001


  • Carries up to 210 passengers
  • Approximately 33.45 metres long and 2.65 metres wide
  • Air-conditioning designed for Melbourne conditions
  • Improved ride comfort and reduced noise with pivoting wheels to handle tight turns
  • Dedicated wheelchair spaces with accessible intercom and next stop request button
  • More grab rails and stop request buttons in ergonomically selected locations
  • Improved safety to absorb impact in event of a collision
  • External cameras to monitor passenger boarding and record motor vehicles illegally passing stationary trams
  • Improved personal security via CCTV and emergency intercoms at each doorway
  • Audio and visual announcements including next stop, destination, direction and connectivity.

Behind the console

TOP: A star is born - Tram #6001 enters passenger service.

MIDDLE: Minister Mulder with the tram.

ABOVE: Behind the console of the world's newest tram