Public transport record breaker adds Melbourne to his wishlist

Wednesday 24 April 2013

Adham Fisher - Public Transport Record breaker

How long would it take to visit every tram stop in Melbourne? That's a question that Adham Fisher of Leicester, England is hoping to answer soon.

Having travelled throughout Europe and North America to ride transport systems, he is now aiming to use Yarra Trams for an attempt at the Mt. Everest of tram records - our network of more than 1700 stops.

Guinness World Records recognise the London Underground and New York Subway as the world's greatest subway challenges, and Adham has made attempts on both records as well as unofficial 'runs' on metro systems in cities including Barcelona, Chicago, Paris and Toronto

In 2011 he set a record on Chicago's 'L' system, and when his time was beaten he returned last April to recapture the title with a new mark of 9 hours, 6 minutes and 48 seconds.

Adham has previous experience riding for records on tram systems in English cities Manchester, Nottingham and Sheffield. Now he's looking to travel to Australia and add Melbourne to his list of conquered systems.

He has worked with and publicised sponsors during his trips in the past, and now Adham is searching for sponsors and supporters to help him make the trip down under. For more details on his mission, or to discuss new ideas and collaboration, you can contact him via email through or on Twitter @1000stations

ABOVE: Adham setting the official record on Nottingham's NET tram system. The Keolis group, one of the operators of Yarra Trams, is part of the consortium who run the Nottingham network.