Makeover for Z-Class trams

Thursday 22 August 2013


Some of the first 'modern' vehicles in the Yarra Trams fleet are being given a new lease of life as part of a major refurbishment program.

Public Transport Victoria is investing $15.7m towards giving our trams a makeover, and as part of this we've started a major refresh on our 114-strong fleet of Z3-Class trams.

Tram 184 (above), currently located at Brunswick, has had a lot of looks since going into service in November 1981 but its latest design brings it up to modern standards both internally and externally.

The refurbishment program involves updating the external appearance of trams to our new livery, improving passenger design and comfort inside the vehicle with new, vibrant colours and hard-wearing seat covers.

The new livery means the trams will share the same external design as the 50 new E-Class trams that are due to begin operating on the network later this year.

Additional safety features such as yellow doors have also been added. The distinctive coloured doors improve accessibility for vision impaired passengers, as well as improving safety by making trams more visible to motorists and pedestrians.

New glass in the lower windows, complete with anti-vandal film, and repainting of interior walls, kickboards and step wells will also improve the travelling experience for passengers on board these trams.

The program is being managed to ensure maximum fleet availability, with each tram spending two to three days at our workshop as it undergoes its 'TRAMSformation'.

Under the current schedule the first batch of Z3-Class trams will be completed in 2014, and a decision will be made then as to which trams will be next to undergo the process.

Public Transport Victoria

BELOW: Some of the steps taken to upgrade Tram 184.

T 184.2

T 184.3

T 184.4

T 184.5

T 184.6

Images by Initials AC