Touch off myki in Zone 2 area only to receive lower fares

Tuesday 4 December 2012

From Saturday 29 December myki will be the only ticket for Melbourne's trams, trains and buses. Metcard will no longer be valid.

Passengers are reminded that when travelling with myki it is only necessary to touch off for a lower fare when your trip is entirely within the shaded Zone 1/2 areas shown on the network map.

All trams operate in Zone 1, so you'll receive the same fare by simply touching on when using most routes - but if you're in the Zone 1/2 overlap area on Route 75, 86 or 109 you can get a cheaper fare by touching off.

If you're touching off for the lower fare please do so, when it's safe to, before the tram reaches your stop. This helps avoid delaying the tram as it is scheduled to depart.

If you haven't switched from Metcard to myki yet you can do so at over 800 retail outlets, online or by calling 13 MYKI (13 6954)

Announcements are currently running on board trams advertising the changeover.

For more information visit