Yarra Trams

Driving with Trams

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By transporting thousands of people every day, Melbourne's tram service helps reduce congestion on our roads. So it is important to know how to share the roads with trams when driving in Melbourne. By observing the road rules when driving you will help to keep our roads safe and reduce delays to trams and their passengers.

You must stop level with the rear of a tram at a tram stop until the doors close and passengers have cleared the road. Fine $292

Once the tram's doors are closed and it is safe to proceed, you must not exceed 10km/h while passing a stationary tram at a tram stop. Fine $292

You must give way to all trams at roundabouts. Fine $204

You must not move into the path of a tram. Fine $117

You must not drive over raised dividing strips or double yellow lines. Fine $117

You must not make a U-turn across a solid line in the centre of the road. Fine $233

You must not park within 20 metres of a tram stop unless there is a sign which permits parking. Fine $117

You must not double park. Fine $70


You must not drive in a tramway. Tramways have overhead signs and raised dividing strips or two yellow lines beside the tram tracks. Fine $117


Tram lanes

You may only drive in a tram lane for up to 50 metres to turn right or to avoid an obstacle, and without delaying a tram.


Tram lanes have overhead signs and a solid yellow line beside the tram tracks.
Some tram lanes are full time (24 hours), while others are part time. A part time tram lane has signs showing when it is a tram lane. Fine $117

Hook turns

To turn right at some intersections on tram routes you must do a 'hook turn' as indicated by signs. To do a hook turn you approach and enter the intersection from the left lane and indicate that you are turning right. Move forward to the far left of the intersection, keeping clear of the pedestrian crossings. Wait until the traffic lights on the road into which you are turning change to green, then turn right when it is safe to do so. Fine $117


The "Driving with trams" brochure is available from VicRoads customer service centres or by phoning the Think Tram team on 1300 309 571.

A short video version of the guide is also available:

For more information on tram safety visit VicRoads.

Pedestrian safety

It is illegal for a car to pass a tram which has stopped and opened its doors.

If you witness a car passing a stationary tram and wish to make a report you can call 1800 800 007  6am - midnight (all night Friday & Saturday) or visit our feedback page. If the matter is urgent please call 000 (24 hours).

When making a report please provide as many of the following details as possible:

  • Date
  • Time
  • Location
  • Stop number
  • Tram number and direction of travel
  • Car make, type, colour, registration number
  • Identifying features of the car and driver.

Please include any descriptions of the incident which may be helpful in compiling a report such as whether the car stopped after passing the tram or not.

Please note that if you make a report as a witness you may later be required to provide a signed statement about the incident.