Animals and pets

Guide dogs, hearing guide dogs or guide dogs in training can travel for free on all public transport services. Other animals are permitted to travel with the holder of an Assistance Animal Pass.

The Assistance Animal Pass has been developed to help people with an ongoing disability (including issues relating to ageing and psychiatric illness) who are unable to use public transport without an assistance animal.

Other animals can travel subject to the following conditions:

  • Small animals can travel on metropolitan trains, trams and buses, but they must be in a closed container
  • Non-assistance dogs on leads are not permitted

Bikes on trams

  • Conventional bikes cannot be carried on trams
  • Only folding bicycles can be carried on trams 
  • Store your folding bike in a bag when travelling

A folding bike has small wheels and frame latches that allow the frame to collapse.

To travel on trams with a folding bike, your bike must not exceed 82cm long x 69cm high x 39cm wide or have wheel rims of more than 51cm in diameter.

Other items

Surfboards may not be carried on trams, and items likely to injure or endanger other persons are not permitted to be carried on any passenger vehicles in Victoria.

Examples of such items prohibited from carriage on passenger vehicles include:

  • Flammable liquids and gases (petrol, kerosene, LPG, propane)
  • Firearms
  • Explosives
  • Corrosive or acidic chemicals


When planning to travel on trams with a pram it's important to make sure your pram is capable of fitting on board. The following chart should be read in conjunction with measurements provided in your pram owners manual.

Tram class  Front door  Middle door 
A-Class 700mm and 540mm between hand rails 1120mm and 970mm between hand rails
B-Class 700mm and 600mm between hand rails 1380mm and 1250mm between hand rails with pole in the middle of the doorway
C-Class  640mm 1280mm
D-Class  780mm 1240mm
W-Class n/a 940mm
Z-Class Not suitable for prams 772mm with a pole in the middle of the doorway

For safety reasons Yarra Trams strongly recommends that you do not attempt to enter the last door of a tram with a pram.

For more information visit Public Transport Victoria or call 1800 800 007 6am - midnight (all night Friday & Saturday).

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