Real-time tram arrival information


iPhone app

The free tramTRACKER® iPhone application works on iOS6 or above.

You can download it from the iPhone App Store.

It's easy to use and has the following features:

  • To find stops: Favourites, Browse by Route, Nearby, Search by name/suburb, Most Recent, Enter ID
  • Scheduled Departures
  • Onboard View
  • Filtering based on route number and low floor trams
  • Displays disruption and special event messages
  • Low floor and air conditioning indicator
  • Route-based stop lists on a built-in route map
  • Each tracker update uses only a small amount of data. It is estimated that approximately 250 requests can be made on just 1Mb of data.

The latest version of tramTRACKER available in the Apple App store is version 2.0.

The following features are new in version 2.0:

  • iOS 7 design features and compatibility.
  • New permanent options menu.
  • Next three real-time tram arrivals for every route - drop down or hide.
  • Message alerts for disruptions and service updates.
  • Personalise your favourite stops (e.g. work, home).
  • Instant click through from tram arrival time to myTram (formerly Onboard) to view upcoming stops.
  • Choose your preferred view method - map or list.
  • Locate your nearest tram stop using route maps, search or nearby functions.
  • Find a tram stop with shelter when it's raining
  • See nearby train, tram and bus connecting services.
  • Discover major attractions and points of interest around the tram network.
  • Find your nearest ticket outlet or view ticket outlets along tram routes.
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes. 

The FREE PTV App is also available for iPhone, which provides train, tram and bus timetables and a Journey Planner - details at Public Transport Victoria. An Android version of tramTRACKER is also available.

Yarra Trams welcomes feedback about tramTRACKER® via our Customer Feedback form or by calling Public Transport Victoria on 1800 800 007 (6am to midnight daily)

iPhone version 2.0 screenshots

tramTRACKER 2.0

tramTRACKER 2.0

tramTRACKER 2.0

tramTRACKER 2.0

tramTRACKER 2.0