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St Kilda Junction substation - power supply upgrade project

Melbourne has the world's largest tram network, with around 600,000 trips each weekday. That will increase to over one million trips a day by 2031. To meet this demand, the Victorian Government is revitalising the network by investing in new trams and infrastructure.

Melbourne's trams are powered by an extensive power network that needs to be regularly maintained and upgraded. Substations are a key requirement to keep Melbourne's trams running into the future.

New St Kilda Junction substation

A new substation will be built on St Kilda Road, St Kilda, to power nearby tram routes 3/3a, 5, 16, 64 and 67.

The substation will be housed in a fully enclosed building, and enhanced with landscaping and architectural features so it blends with the surrounds.

St Kilda substation map (PDF, 498KB) 

Engaging with the community

Public Transport Victoria (PTV) engages with local communities whenever a new substation is built. The proposed St Kilda site is no different. PTV has been talking to the community and local government to ensure everyone is well informed:

  • 2016 - Discussions with City of Port Phillip (CoPP) and other agencies like VicRoads to choose the location
  • April 2017 - First engagement with the Junction Area Action Group (JAAG)
  • Early May 2017 - Community session, with those who attended making it clear they wanted a bespoke substation design
  • Late May 2017 - Further discussion with JAAG,explaining the benefits and limitations of the site and giving feedback on other options proposed by JAAG
  • Early June 2017 - Most recent meeting with JAAG regarding location, design and further community engagement
  • Mid June 2017 - Presentation by PTV to CoPP Councillors on the project and sites investigated

Why was this site chosen?

  • It's close enough to the network to effectively power trams
  • St Kilda has limited open land
  • Few plants and trees need to be cleared
  • It meets VicRoads safety considerations
  • It will be possible to do future works at St Kilda Junction, if needed

What other sites were considered?

PTV investigated several sites after consultation with the local community and CoPP. Here's why some of those weren't suitable:

  • The 'dip' between St Kilda Road and Princes Highway has existing services and doesn't give safe access for maintenance
  • The area between Punt and St Kilda roads has underground services like high voltage cables, storm water drains and mains water supply
  • Sites near the Junction Oval development are leased to Cricket Victoria. The lease and planning permits don't allow for a substation
  • Albert Park Reserve can't house a substation in accordance with Parks Victoria's no net loss of open space policy
  • Building the substation underground isn't possible. St Kilda Road junction has a high water table and flooding is a risk
  • Other sites were ruled out because of size, proximity to other substations and being too far away to provide enough power to the tram network

Next steps

  • PTV will contract a local architect with expertise in urban design
  • The chosen architect will develop design options for the substation that best benefit the community in both look and feel, as well as other potential practical benefits
  • PTV will present potential designs to the community. The community can give feedback in person or online. Details should be announced in September 2017
  • The architect will then refine the design based on community input

In the meantime, some construction will begin to prepare for main works so our future tram power needs are met.


For more information call 1800 800 007 6am - midnight (all night Friday & Saturday) or email ptvprojects@ptv.vic.gov.au.

Update on the St Kilda Junction substation newsletter July 2017 (PDF, 176KB)

New substation at St Kilda Road, public information session (PDF, 282KB)

St Kilda Road, St Kilda Junction power supply upgrade project (PDF, 2MB)