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Arrival of the E-Class Tram on Route 86

E-Class on Route 86

The first E-Class tram on Route 86 departed New Preston Depot on Monday, 28 November 2016.

Route 86 serves major education, leisure and tourism precincts from Bundoora RMIT to Waterfront City Docklands including Preston, Northcote, Fitzroy and City. Route 86 is one of Melbourne's busiest routes with patronage continuing to grow.

Key destinations

  • Education: La Trobe University and RMIT Bundoora  
  • Leisure: Carlton Gardens, Gertrude Street, Smith Street, Westgarth Cinema, Bourke Street Mall and Harbour Town Shopping Centre
  • Tourism: Melbourne Museum, Princess Theatre, Melbourne Star Observation Wheel and Etihad Stadium
  • Route 86 Guide with linear map, level access stops and timetables

Increased capacity

  • High capacity trams help cater for increased patronage and future growth
  • E-Class trams are the largest on our network and have capacity for 210 passengers 
  • B-Class trams currently run on Route 86 - the E-Class tram carries 90 more passengers than B-Class

Enhanced comfort

  • The E-Class tram has 64 seats - more than any other class of tram in our fleet
  • Please make these seats available for elderly passengers and people with accessibility needs
  • When standing on a tram, please move away from the opening door and hold on at all times

Improved accessibility 

  • E-Class trams are the first low-floor trams to run on Route 86
  • Route 86 has 35 level access stops (about 50 per cent of the route)
  • E-Class trams enable easier boarding and alighting, and provide improved on-board customer information

Safety awareness                                                               

  • About 75 per cent of Melbourne's tram network is on shared roads
  • Given the shared road conditions, sudden stops are sometimes necessary
  • Our driver training includes smooth acceleration and defensive driving techniques
  • Beware of sudden stops - please hold on at all times 

E-Class trams

  • The Victorian Government is investing $1.1 billion in the manufacture of 70 new E-Class trams and associated infrastructure 
  • We are introducing 70 E-Class trams into service by 2018
  • Route 86 is the third route to run E-Class trams - E-Class trams currently operate on Routes 11 and 96
  • E-Class trams are 33.45 metres long, have 64 seats, carry 210 passengers and weigh 62 tonnes (39 rhinos)

For more information visit ptv.vic.gov.au  or call 1800 800 007 6am - midnight (all night Friday & Saturday)