Real-time tram arrival information


How it works

tramTRACKER® provides digital passenger information including predicted tram arrival times, disruption updates, and information about Melbourne's tram network. 

It uses the last reported location of each tram on its assigned route, and compares this to the timetable, to predict arrival times at stops. The prediction engine uses a combination of two data sets:

  • Automated vehicle monitoring system - used by Yarra Trams' Operations Centre to manage the tram network
  • Scheduled timetables - as published

About 75 per cent of Melbourne's tram network operates on shared roads. Traffic conditions, events and operational adjustments may affect prediction accuracy.

App features

tramTRACKER® determines your location by tracker stop ID or by the nearest stops generated by the app. You can filter results to see only low floor trams, individual routes, nearby myki ticket outlets or connecting public transport services.

  • Wheelchair icon indicates next low floor tram
  • Snowflake icon indicates next air-conditioned tram
  • When tram services are disrupted, tramTRACKER® will show a disruption icon and display a short message with more information
  • You can track your tram along its journey by using the myTRAM feature in the app and inserting the tram number (every tram in our fleet has a unique number - see signage inside the tram)

The latest tramTRACKER® release includes new features:

  • Get notified when there are service disruptions on your favourite route
  • Set alarms to alert you when your tram is arriving at your stop
  • App widget to view tram arrival information for your favourites 
  • Automatic updates to routes, stops and ticket outlet information

Please refer to the Help menu in the app for instructions on using these features. 

Useful links 

For more information visit or call 1800 800 007 6am - midnight (all night Friday & Saturday)