Working On and Around the Yarra Trams Network


Yarra Trams operates the Melbourne tram network and manages the associated assets.

Yarra Trams has an obligation to the State of Victoria, passengers and the community to provide safe and reliable tram services and to ensure the associated assets are safe and fit for purpose.

If you are planning on performing works ON or AROUND the Melbourne Tram network, including the following activities, you may need a permit:

  1. Work on a tram corridor (including work outside tram corridors that requires traffic to be diverted onto a tram route) 
  2. Working within 20m of a tram stop or flag 
  3. Working around any other Yarra Trams assets

            a. ADJACENT: see PDF for more information

            b. ABOVE:       see PDF for more information

            c. BELOW:       see PDF for more information


To discuss your requirements further please email us:


One of our staff will make contact with you within 3 working days to discuss your application. Please note that some permits require minimum lead-times.

Please provide the following information with your enquiry.  (see PDF version of the table below)



Table of Works - INFRA Requirements


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