Yarra Trams


Southbank Depot

Our commitment to the environment

Trams are one of the most ecologically sound modes of transport; moving large numbers of people, easing congestion on roads and reducing air pollution.

At Yarra Trams, our aim is a sustainable transport system, which delivers a positive contribution to the environment, community and the economy.

In order to achieve continual improvement in the way we manage our impacts on the environment, we have developed and implemented an environmental management system which is certified to ISO14001 standard.

Another key initiative is the Greendepot program:

Green Depot

Yarra Trams has implemented the greendepotĀ® program at Brunswick, East Preston, Essendon, Glenhuntly Malvern and Southbank depots, saving more than seven million litres of water each year.

The greendepotĀ® initiative comprises the following:

  • Installation of rainwater tanks - rainwater stored is used for washing trams
  • Waterless urinals and water saving toilet cisterns
  • Installation of flow restrictors on all taps and showerheads - reducing the flow rate from approximately 32 litres per minute to four litres per minute
  • Fully segregated waste disposal focuses on recycling and waste minimisation
  • Collection and recycling of tram sand
  • Raingarden using recycled tram sand to filter contaminants
  • Worm farms to reduce food waste
  • Rezoning lights in the running shed and reconfiguring light switches across the depot to reduce energy
  • Staff environmental awareness program.

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