Yarra Trams

International Customer Service Standards


Yarra Trams achieved International Customer Service Standards (ICSS) certification in 2016.

The Customer Service Institute of Australia (CSIA) assessment covered four criteria - service, learning and growth, financial, and operational - to evaluate our customer service experience.

This certification enables us to proudly display the Certified Customer Service Organisation trustmark.  

Our strengths 

  • Customer experience: living our value of 'Think Like a Passenger' through a range of customer-focussed initiatives.
  • HR approach: our culture, recruitment approach, and our commitment to addressing the gender imbalance in our workforce, including through our Driven Women program.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility: our work with key stakeholders and partners to improve our customer experience for people with a disability, including through our Accessibility Action Plan.
  • Frontline staff: providing guidance and support to customers, 'go beyond', and aiming to surprise and delight.
  • Improvement consolidation: commitment to ongoing innovation and continuous improvement, and a push to embed and consolidate the innovations and improvements already deployed.