I have checked the Yarra Trams website and cannot see any vacancies

Vacancies will be posted on our website. If there are no current vacancies you can register for a job alert to advise you when we open a vacancy:

  • Visit our employment opportunites page
  • Search for the type of roles that interest you with the 'Job Search' function in the top left corner (e.g. 'driver')
  • Click 'send me jobs like these' and enter your email address.

Can I register and leave my CV for future vacancies?

Due to the volume of applications we receive, we do not accept speculative applications. We are committed to providing a positive experience to all of our applicants and in order to do so we need to keep the numbers to a manageable level.

I have seen a job advertised and I am interested. I would like to know more about the role though. How do I get a copy of the position description?

Position descriptions for Trainee Driver Customer Service and Authorised Officer are available online.

For all other jobs, please email careers@yarratrams.com.au and we will send you a position description.

I have applied for a job but answered a question incorrectly. Now I have received an email saying that I am ineligible to apply. What do I do?

Some questions on our application form will make you ineligible. If you have selected the wrong answer and been locked out, please send us an email on careers@yarratrams.com.au and we will assist.

I have started an application but I have not completed it. Now applications have closed and I cannot access that application anymore to complete.

You must complete your application before the closing date. You will receive reminder emails about incomplete applications, but if you have not completed your application by the closing date then we cannot accept your application.

I have started an application but cannot remember my password.

Please email careers@yarratrams.com.au and we will reset your password. You will then receive a new password to log into your account. Once you log back into your account, you will need to change the password to something you will remember.

I have applied for a vacancy and have not heard anything for several weeks. Is there something wrong?

Due to the number of applications we receive, the recruitment process can take several weeks or months. Please be assured that we will contact you with updates on the progress of your application as quickly as possible. We thank you for your patience. We will email an outcome on all applications, whether successful or unsuccessful.

A job I have previously applied for and for which I was unsuccessful is being advertised again. Can I re-apply?

For all of our vacancies, you must wait 12 months before submitting another application. 

I have been invited to attend an assessment centre, but when I access my account to book a session, I cannot find any spots. What do I do?

We coordinate interviews with managers. Occasionally due to logistical reasons we need to make adjustments to our planned schedule. Please check your account regularly for updates on the availability of assessment.

I have been invited to an assessment and have gone online to apply for a Vicroads Demerit Points check, but this will not be sent to me for approximately 10 days. What do I do?

Online applications for the Vicroads Demerit Points check will take 7 to 10 working days. However, if this will not suit, you can obtain one over the counter by attending a local VicRoads office

I have booked into an assessment centre/interview, but can no longer attend. What do I do?

It's important for us to know that you cannot attend an interview or assessment centre. If you find you cannot attend an interview/assessment centre day for which you are booked, please cancel your appointment on your account as soon as possible.

I have received an email advising that I was unsuccessful for a job I applied for. How can I get more feedback on my application?

If you would like feedback on your application, please send an email to careers@yarratrams.com.au and we will call you back as soon as possible.

I have an interview scheduled but I am running late. Who can I call?

It's important to be on time for your interview, as we have a busy schedule to maintain. If you are running late, please call our receptionist as soon as possible on 03 9619 3200.

I have completed the interview. Now what?

Depending on the role, processes may differ slightly. However, once your interview is complete, the interviewing manager will reconvene and review all interviews. If your application is successful, a member of the recruitment team will be in touch with further instructions, particularly related to an additional interview or background checks (national police check, medical test, references). If you are unsuccessful, you will receive an email to advise you of the outcome.

I have received a job offer from Yarra Trams but I have some questions to ask. Who should I call?

Please call the Advisor, Resourcing who is dealing with your appointment. You should have been provided with their contact details. If not, please email us at careers@yarratrams.com.au

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