E-Class driver

Tram drivers form the largest group within Yarra Trams, with approximately 1,200 committed and dedicated drivers currently employed.

The average length of service for tram drivers is around 15 years. Tram driving is much more than a job, it's a passion!

The job

Being a tram driver involves a lot more than just driving. First and foremost it is about getting our passengers to their destination safely and on time. It is also about customer service, such as providing passenger updates during unplanned disruptions.

With around 80 per cent of our network sharing space with other vehicles, Yarra Trams drivers also require strong multitasking abilities and peripheral vision.

New drivers are called Trainee Driver Customer Service (TDCS) employees, reflecting the growing importance Yarra Trams places on customer service.

Tram drivers are normally rostered to a 38-hour week, which includes morning, afternoon and evening work. Rosters are drafted in a way that allows drivers to work out their schedule months in advance. Employees at the same depot can swap shifts. Drivers also have the opportunity to work overtime, which attracts penalty rates.

Allowances and Penalties

Our rotating rosters include early morning, late night, weekend and public holiday shifts.

Working on a normal rotating roster, the following allowances and penalties may be available:

  • Early morning and late night - an additional 15 per cent on the base hourly rate
  • Saturday - Time and a half
  • Sunday - Double time
  • Public Holiday - Double time and a half

Including allowances and penalties listed above, tram drivers earn an average of between $65,000 and $75,000 a year once they are fully qualified.

Work locations

Drivers operate from eight different depots around Melbourne

Each of the depots operates different classes of trams. New drivers are trained on all classes of trams at their depot.

A guide to the recruitment process

1. Screening of applications

Our human resources team screens applications for critical elements relevant to the role, including:

- customer service experience

- drivers licence history

- availability

- agreement to our terms and conditions

- agreement to complete background checks

Unsuccessful applications will receive notification via email. Candidates that meet the criteria are shortlisted to attend an assessment centre.

2. Assessment centre

Shortlisted candidates are invited to an assessment centre to undergo:

- a verbal reasoning test

- a customer service based exercise

- a multitasking ability test

- a reactions test

- a VicRoads demerit points check

3. Interview with line managers Successful assessment centre candidates are invited to a face-to-face interview with our lines managers
4. Background checks

Checks that must be completed prior to commencing employment include:

- police check

- reference checks

- medical and drug screen test

This step will also include uniform fitting

5. Offer

Once all checks are complete Yarra Trams can then extend an offer. This will include depot allocation.

6. 'On-boarding'

Induction and training


The training program involves a 31-day intensive training course, based both in the classroom and on the job.

The training is run by qualified depot trainers, operational trainers and a number of external providers and involves:

  • traffic laws
  • understanding traffic lights for trams
  • tram driving and fault finding
  • safety
  • conflict management
  • defensive driving.

The training process involves regular assessments throughout the training period and a number of task observations.

Depending on which depot they are assigned to, trainees may be required to attend additional training to cover a number of tram classes that they will drive

There is no set number of new classes each year. For example during 2013 we had five classes of between 15 and 20 trainees each.

Volume of applications

Due to the number of applications we receive, the recruitment process can take several weeks. Please be assured that we will contact you with updates on the progress of your application as quickly as possible. We thank you for your patience.

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